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IMG_1372 c.res.anon Painting of chaffinch, framed by Polkadot Pictures Leeds Greetings card framed by Polkadot Pictures Leeds Brown + Red frames page_opt Woodgrain frames page_opt Black frames page_opt

Polkadot Pictures & Framing offers a bespoke, professional picture framing service in the Leeds/Wetherby area.  As well as framing watercolour paintings, prints and photographs on behalf of customers, Polkadot

A frame to complement the picture and the mount can be selected from the choice of over 200 contemporary frames offered by Polkadot Pictures & Framing.  A selection of frame styles can be seen at the following links:


•  Black & Grey

•  White and Cream

•  Silver, Gold & Pewter

•  Blue and Green

•  Brown and Red

•  Original watercolour paintings and prints.  See Where to buy pictures to frame for suggestions on how to find original pictures at an affordable cost.

•  Cream & Ivory 

•  Greys & Black 

•  Blues  

•  Green  

•  Reds & Browns

•  Black core mountboard

By using the affordable picture framing service offered by Polkadot Pictures & Framing, a home can soon be enhanced with beautifully displayed pictures.  To discuss your picture framing requirements with Polkadot Pictures & Framing, please get in touch via the form on the Contact page.

To enhance each picture, Polkadot Pictures & Framing has a wide choice of mounts in dozens of colours.  The darker shades are particularly striking when double-mounted with a lighter colour.  See the following pages for a selection of the mount colours available:

Blue mountboards Cream & Ivory mountboards Green mountboards Red & Brown mountboards Grey & Black mountboards

If you are unsure of which colour to choose for the mount, see Picture Framing Tips - Choosing a Mount Colour for guidance. Polkadot Pictures & Framing will be happy to assist by making suggestions as to colours which will complement your picture.

Pictures for framing in a frame of your choice can be found in a variety of places, including art fairs and art exhibitions, charity shops, auction houses and on ebay.  For tips on buying pictures for framing, go to Where to buy pictures to frame.

Gold + Silver frames page_opt Blue + Green frames page_opt White + Cream frames page_opt

•  Greetings cards can be made into an attractive picture, as can be seen from the pictures shown below:

Over 200 frame styles to choose from

The picture of the orchestra was a birthday card for a musician.  Polkadot Pictures & Framing used a black-core mount to give the picture greater impact.

IMG_1148 pers enh_opt

This lovely watercololour painting was bought at a local art exhibition, and was mounted and framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing.

This cherished painting of a beloved pet was mounted and framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing on behalf of a customer

IMG_1133 enh_opt


Saturday 28th November

East Keswick


Lots of lovely pictures for sale on the Polkadot Pictures Leeds stand!

For details, see

Art Fairs in the Leeds area


Saturday 17th December

9am - 12.30pm

Collingham, nr Wetherby

IMG_1408 c

Polkadot Pictures & Framing acquired this painting of a raggedy sheet as an unframed watercolour, for selling at one of Polkadot Pictures' art fairs.  It was subsequently mounted and framed with the customer's own choice of colours.

Artist : Georgina English

•  Certificates - if you or your child has passed an important exam or won a coveted prize, framing the certificate and giving it pride of place in your home is recognition of your achievement.

Polkadot Pictures & Framing was asked by a customer to frame this certificate with a double mount to complement the colour of the logos of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

An "exiled" Yorkshire couple asked Polkadot Pictures & Framing to frame this card of "Bronté country" as a memento of their happy times there.

Black core mountboards



•  Paper memorabilila such as a treasured drawing by a grandchild or a keepsake from a special occasion such as a menu or a programme.

Decorative art for the home need not be costly, as shown by the following types of picture framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing.

Pictures & Framing also buys,

mounts and frames original contemporary paintings for sale at art and craft fairs.

See FORTHCOMING EVENTS Gift Voucher to buy original paintings from Polkadot Pictures Leeds Gift Voucher for bespoke picture framing Gift Voucher from Polkadot Pictures Leeds

GIFT VOUCHERS now available

Gift vouchers for amounts between  £10-£60 can be bought and redeemed at any of the events attended by Polkadot Pictures & Framing.  Vouchers can be redeemed either against pictures or bespoke framing.

IMG_1360 angle_opt

Artist : Shaun Fitzpatrick


Saturday 8th October

10am - 4pm

Town Hall, Wetherby

Artist : Judy Jones

Photographer :  Paul Jenner Photography

Wetherby Dickensian Market


Wetherby Town Hall

Saturday 3rd Dec


Sunday 11th Dec


Dickensian Christmas Market