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COLLINGHAM MURAL, painted by Jill Neale

Artist : Jill Neale

The lost stepping stones over Collingham Beck.

Copyright on the art remains with the artist

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Many residents of Collingham and Linton will have seen the large mural in  Collingham Memorial Hall, painted by local artist Jill Neale.  The mural depicts Collingham and Linton villages a century ago, and was commissioned by Collingham Music Association to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

A print of the mural is now available, size 17" x 9.25" (43cm x 23.5cm), price £25.  Jill Neale's contact details are on the Yorkshire Artists page, or a print can be reserved by emailing Polkadot Pictures & Framing.

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The Old Mill (next to Tesco), latterly a garden centre and now the site of a private residence

The old bridge joining Linton and Collingham villages.

Historic documents from a century ago.

Collingham Bridge Railway Station, which closed in 1964


Framed prints of the Collingham mural can be ordered from Polkadot Pictures & Framing - contact us for details.


Each print is individually framed in the customer's choice of frame style and mount.  Polkadot Pictures & Framing has around 250 frame styles and dozens of mount colours to choose from.  


All mounts, undermounts and fixings are "acid free" to help keep the picture in the best possible condition. Glass can be anti-reflective, standard or UV-resistant.  The cost is dependent upon the frame style, the type of glass, and whether a single or double mount is chosen.

This example of a Collingham mural print, framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing, has a sand-coloured inner mount which picks out the colours in the painting.  


The tan-coloured wood frame with gold trim is one option out of over 250 available frame styles.


"The mural is a watercolour painting, depicting life in 1918 in the villages of Collingham and Linton.  It is a series of cameos showing occupations, houses, fashions and the games the children played at the time.  The Wetherby News shows the headlines the week World War One came to an end.  Also represented are the twenty-two soldiers who died from the two villages, two hundred and fifty having gone to war."

Jill Neale

Farmers used horses to plough the fields until the mid 20th century.

Jill Neale's mural is in the New Supper Room at Collingham Memorial Hall

Half-Moon Inn_opt

Haycart passing the Half-Moon Inn on Harewood Road

See Next Picture Framing Event for details of Polkadot Pictures & Framing's next twice-monthly visit to Collingham Memorial Hall

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Collingham Church

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Over 250 frame styles to choose from

Collingham mural print, framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing

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